Steve Warren

Current Single: Chicken Eating Preacher Man

Songwriter(s): Terry L. Nunley / Danny K. Hathcock

Publisher(s): Tribute To Momma Pub. / BMI

Genre: Country / Country Gospel / Comedy

Record Label: Fleetwood Records


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About Steve Warren...


As a small boy in the hills of southwest Virginia, Steve Warren began to establish his roots in the ministry. At the age of five he began playing drums and singing with his family. As a young man at the age of thirteen, God called Steve to walk in the ministry for which he had been ordained. Although the work of God was not new to him, it was not until the age of sixteen that God placed upon him the anointing he continues to walk in today.


From a storefront building to an old funeral home, Steve began the road of a pastor. God placed in him a pastor’s heart, and he has been a pastor for 36 years, from the mountains of West Virginia, Virginia, and now Tennessee where they just had their first service in their new worship facility (Faith Chapel Ministries) located in Baxter, TN and built solely on faith without a bank loan. 


In the early 90s Pastor Steve reached out from his own pulpit and began a television ministry in the hills of West Virginia, where he met his wife, Bonnie. Realizing there were hurting people in homes everywhere, he began the “Miracles by Faith” television program which aired weekly.  Later, he and his wife produced a weekly program, “Faith For The Hour,” that was aired in Tennessee and the surrounding states, broadcasting the Gospel of Jesus Christ to those who in no other way would receive it.


Although he is a pastor, Steve says his first love is being an evangelist, for that is where his ministry began.  He has a heart for people, whether it is in a pulpit as a pastor or as an evangelist.  God has given him a message of victory to share with a world that has no hope. He has taken this message behind the iron bars of prison and jail cells as well as churches across America.  God has placed special gifts and talents in his life that has allowed him to touch people’s hearts in a unique way.


While living in Virginia as a young man, his love for music began to deepen. He began work at local radio stations WXMY and WOLD, where he remained a DJ for fifteen years until he became owner.  During this time, Steve created what is known today as the Gospel Sound Radio Show, which is an hour-long radio show featuring “some of the best in Southern Gospel music,” whether it be local talent or well-known artists.  This program became syndicated and can still be heard on radio stations today. 


During the years working at the radio stations Steve saw the need for Southern Gospel music in the area and began promoting Gospel Groups, which he continues today.  The local areas began seeing groups such as The Spencers, The Singing Cookes, Kevin Spencer & Friends, The Freemans, Charles Johnson and the Revivers, and the Perry Sisters.  Many of these along with others such as Kenny Hinson, The Hinsons, Kevin Spencer in the Gospel genre along with Waylon Jennings, George Jones, Merle Haggard and Elvis Presley in the secular field have influenced Steve’s style of singing


In 2001 Steve joined Sims Records with Russell Sims located in Nashville, TN. Until then, he had ever been part of a record label of this prestige. In 2004, a song that Steve wrote along with his wife, Heaven On Her Mind became a #1 song in the Christian Country National Charts. In 2015 Steve joined Fleetwood Records with Terry Nunley in Nashville, TN.


Rev. Warren was given the honor in June of 2004 to be nominated and chosen by Gospel music fans all over America as ‘Favorite Male Vocalist’ at the Music City Gospel Showcase and Convention, which was held annually in Pigeon Forge, TN. In November of 2012, Steve was given the distinct honor of joining the co-host of the Porter Wagoner Show for many years, Pretty Ms. Norma Jean, as her special guest on the Grand Ole Opry portion of the Midnight Jamboree.  Steve was given the honor in 2016 to sing the National Anthem for the President of the United States, Donald Trump, during a rally in Roanoke, VA and was with him again in Nashville, TN sitting with former Governor Dunn. ‘Favorite Crossover Artist’ was awarded to Steve back to back in 2018 and 2019.


Over the past several years, God has blessed Steve by placing many chart-topping singles within his hands. From the project, “God, Family & Country,” songs such as Just A Touch and Forever Kind of Love became #1 songs in the Christian Voice Magazine Country Gospel Top 100. Other hit songs include His Love Ran Down The Cross, Somewhere Between Mercy and Grace,  I’m Still Leaning On His Everlasting Arms, Banks Of The River, Those Same Hands, Those Three Old Rusty Nails, The Old Path, and On A Hill Where Mercy Met Grace. from previous projects.  But his most timely single that has ever been released for today’s society is Put God Back in America Again. The song confronts issues like abortion, prayer in schools, and marriage between a woman and a man. 


At a revival or concert with Steve Warren, attendees can expect a move of God as people come together and fill the atmosphere with praises to God.  As he has said many times, “It’s not about me, it’s about Him” (Jesus).  Not only does he preach the Gospel under a powerful anointing, God has placed that same anointing on his singing. He has seen God use the anointing on a song to mend the broken hearted and set the captive free. Whether he is preaching or singing, he feels that he can do neither without the anointing. 


He is very thankful to God and humbled that he would be chosen by God to reach the unreachable, not only through preaching the Word of God but through the words of a song. 


Steve has a genuine heart for ministry, whether it is in preaching the Word of God, singing, or in the various other gifts and talents God has placed in his life.