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TowerTunes is a free music distribution service for radio professionals. Whether you choose to take advantage of instant downloads or opt for the radio CD compilation subscription, we deliver the newest tracks by top and emerging artists from around the world in high broadcast quality audio.


With a free TowerTunes account, you have full access to our complete catalog of signed and independent artists from all genres and formats. Instantly download music and related artist information with no need for special software or computer requirements.


Keep your rotation fresh with all the latest music that fits your station's format. We are continually building a vast library of music from most every genre. Register for a free account, log in and start downloading.

Register for your free account using the online form below. Once your submission is received by our office, a representative will contact you to finalize your request within 24-72 hours.

Radio Programmer Registration
Station Type
In addition to full access to digital downloads, do you prefer also to receive physical compliation CDs when they are released? (Mailed to address entered above)

Thank you for registering. Your form has been successfully submitted.

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